Congratulations Bella and Sunny!

6 boys and 1 girl were born on August 10th!

MileHigh Doodles Snowy Bluebell aka "Bella"

One of Winnie's girls, with amazing coat and temperament just like her Mom. A tighter cream colored curly coat on this new Medium sized member to the breeding pack.


DesertWinds Grand Sundance aka 'Sunny'

Sunny is the King of the pack. As our first official stud male- he produces only the best. We are thankful for his bright personality and amazing coat!

Reservation List:


  1. Breeder reservation - Female

  2. Fay - Female

  3. Simpson - Male

  4. Rodriguez - Female

  5. Carnival - Either​

  6. Shivanand - Male

  7. Barclay -- Male or Female

  8. Hamilton -- Male

Pink Collar Girl

Red Collar Boy

Yellow Collar Boy

Black Collar Boy

Orange Collar Boy

Green Collar Boy

Blue Collar Boy

Breeder Member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America

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