Juniper & Finnegan

Honeymooned 5/3/2021

  1. Breeder Reservation

  2. Weatherman

  3. Gustafson - Male

  4. Nagel - Male

  5. Lyons - Male

  6. Miller - Male

  7. Ember - Female/flexible

MileHigh Doodles Juniper

Sweet Juniper -- pictured here with her mother Zephyr -- is such a gentle girl. This will be her first litter and we are looking forward to seeing the beautiful puppies she she will produce!

Agape Evergreen
Sir Finnegan

Handsome Sir Finnegan comes from one of Agape Labradoodles most coveted pairings, Kassi and Charlie.  He looks just like his father Charlie and has the gentle loving personality of both of his parents.