Puppy Application
NOTE:  All of our puppies are allocated based on temperament upon completion of the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test performed by an outside tester on the day the puppies turn 7 weeks of age.  Puppies are matched to applicants by the tester and you will be informed via email which puppy has been chosen for you on that day. In addition to this application, a deposit of $500.00 is required to add your name to the litter's waiting list.  Your answers to the following questions and any additional information you provide about your family lifestyle will aid the tester in choosing the right puppy for you.
  • Flexible could mean that you might receive a puppy sooner, depending on availability. 

Coat Type:
  • We cannot guarantee color or coats however we can recommend litters that we know can produce desired color(s) or coat(s). Parti refers to 50% of the coat being white with patches of color.

Puppy Time Frame (Recieve)
Do you plan to train your puppy to be a service/therapy dog?