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Puppy Allocation Process

Our allocation process is a two-fold system. We ask for and welcome input from potential puppy families and ask each family to give us their top 2-3 choices in the litter, once they reach the age of 6-7 weeks. At 6 weeks of age, we hold an Open House designed exclusively for our new puppy families. This will allow you to come to Milehigh Doodles and meet the litter from which you are purchasing a puppy. We realize that some families will have the ability to come and some may not have that option. It is not a requirement and I work with each family to explain what the puppies temperaments are like and which puppies may be the best fit for them.

At 7 weeks of age, the puppies are evaluated by a professional. Once that is complete, I begin the allocation process. We take the information from each family and make the placements based on what they are asking for along with the observations we have made as we carefully watch each puppy mature, interacting among themselves as well as with the visitors that come to meet them. Although we do place puppies based on the order of deposits received, we also will only place a puppy in your home if it is a good fit. We ask families to be open minded when it comes to the many varied specifics such as gender and color. The more open minded you are in the allocation process, the more likely we will be to place a puppy in your home as soon as possible.

This is a process we have been doing for years now. We have yet to have a family that is anything but thrilled and appreciative of the perfect placement of their new puppy.

We hope this answers all of your questions about our allocation process.

We will look forward to hearing from you.

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